Lagos, Nigeria: If you are an ICO or Airdrop developer, then you know how difficult it is to distribute tokens to the thousands of wallet addresses of your community. You have to either send tokens to wallet addresses once at a time or write a contract that allows you to send your tokens to multiple wallet addresses at once. There is currently no interface or app for sending Ethereum or Ethereum tokens to multiple wallet addresses.

Introducing MultiSend

The team behind Havene just launched MultiSend, a web app that helps you to distribute Ether and Ethereum tokens to multiple wallet addresses at once and with a single transaction fee. Saving you an incredible amount of time, energy and money in distributing Ethereum assets.

MultiSend is especially helpful to ICO and airdrop devs that need to distribute tokens to their community or ICO participants. You can easily and fastly send tokens to your community in a fast and convenient way while also reducing cost significantly.

MultiSend is built with Vyper, the new Ethereum programming language.

Features of MultiSend:

  • You can send tokens and Ether to up to 100 wallet addresses at once
  • You can add Ethereum addresses manually and specify the amount to be sent to each address
  • You can import addresses from Google Sheets. (Make sure you specify a row heading: ADDRESSES, and another, AMOUNTS)
  • MultiSend uses Metamask to connect to Ethereum network, so make sure you have it installed.
  • Testnet version on the Ropsten testnet for playing around with MultiSend.

Future Features:

  • EOS support
  • Mobile support
  • Ability to send to up to 1000 wallet addresses
  • CSV import support
  • And more still on the works

Use MultiSend


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