Pundi X displayed a prototype of its blockchain phone at the Consumer Electronics Show, showcasing other use cases aside from the usage of cryptocurrencies.

The XPhone, Pundi X’s flagship is an Android-based device that uses blockchain technology to make encrypted phone calls and send texts.

These features are outside the norm of blockchain phones as most on the market focus mainly on cryptocurrency storage and usage.

The real charm behind the XPhone is the blockchain mode which runs aside the default Android operating system it ships with.

It is in this blockchain mode that users can make encrypted calls and texts on the Pundi X public ledger. Each device acts as a node on the network and requests information from other trusted nodes.

The XPhone has an unusual square boxy frame with a rounded screen. The sneak peek offered to people at the Consumer Electronics Show revealed very little about the device expected to be released in the 3rd quarter of this year.

In a special demo for PC Mag, the company showed how users can make voice over IP calls or access public content shared on other XPhone devices using a custom fxtp://protocol where everyone has their own unique handle on the chain.

Aside from the XPhone, Pundi X announced the next version of XWallet which includes features like a loyalty program platform and improved merchant tools.