The Gimibits crypto-brokerage app for Nigeria is now live on the Android Playstore! Gimibits is a cryptocurrency brokerage for Nigeria that connects to the worlds largest cryptocurrency markets to ensure that clients can buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly at the best prices. The platform currently offers 20 trading pairs, 0% deposit fee from over 50 banks using NIPS, and 0.05% trade fees during the Beta launch.

Gimibits is a product of, an international financial firm offering trading products tailor-made for large and institutional investors in Nigeria, South Africa, and other African countries..

Gimibits Mobile Application

Fundamentally, the goal of the brokerage app is to make trading cryptocurrency easy, and safe — the pricing engine connects to the worlds largest exchanges allowing users to execute trades instantly at the best available prices, while the UI and UX ensure that every important function (buy, sell, refer, transfer) can always be reached with a single touch. Additionally, everything required is contained within the app itself, including onboarding, KYC, bank verification, and customer support.

Gimibits uses BitGo as a trusted custodian to hold all reserve cryptocurrency, apart from sourcing liquidity through highly liquid and credible exchanges, with more exchanges to be added in the following weeks. BitGo is perhaps the most credible and trusted institutional custodian in the digital assets space worldwide, is responsible for almost a 5th of all Bitcoin transactions, deploys cutting edge security, and provides insurance for deposits.

1.       Trade 20 BTC and NGN pairs with a few clicks

2.       Deep liquidity and minimum slippage

3.       Secure, institutional-grade security through BitGo

4.       Unique price discovery algorithm always finds the best available price

5.       High limits on deposits and withdrawals

Beta Launch

To incentivize new users to try the platform out, Gimibits is offering 0% deposit fees, near 0% trade fees in combination with a highly liquid orderbook and some of the tightest spreads available on any Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange – making it one of the cheapest, easiest options to purchase cryptocurrency in Nigeria right now. Additionally, the platform offers an appealing referral program; allowing people to apply others referral codes for a 10% discount, or sharing their own referral code with friends to gain 20% of all commissions earned by the platform.

1.       Referral program giving 10% fee discount for using another person’s code, and 20% of all trade commissions for referred persons

2.       0% deposit fees during Beta

3.       0.05% fees for each trade

Future Products

Gimibits next iteration will integrate a novel derivative trading platform, based on the multi-exchange model already used in the platform. This will allow users to long (bet that the price will go up), or short (bet that the price will go down) in an intuitive and easy to understand manner. By managing net positions across various cryptocurrency derivative products, Gimibits will bring the simplicity of cryptocurrency spot trading to exotic financial instruments.

This will be followed by a web application, dubbed ‘Gimibits PRO’ for experienced traders, a payment gateway to allow merchants to deposit BTC and have it immediately converted and sent to their bank account, and regular prizes for top traders within the platform. Additionally, the team will continue to spread awareness and curated educational content, and conduct surveys to spur adoption through its blog, and social media handles.

1.       Simple, easy to use derivatives platform offering high leverage

2.       PRO interface for more experienced traders

3.       Instant BTC to NGN payment gateway

4.       Curated content, news, and educational resources

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