P2P Marketplace CryptoLocally Adds New African Payment Method Sesacash

Decentralized peer-to-peer crypto trading platform CryptoLocally and blockchain-powered on-demand digital finance and payment platform, Sesacash, will be working together to address the many challenges confronting African nations in the financial sector.

They plan to address this by leveraging each other’s diverse service offerings, enabling African users to move value across borders without having to worry about expensive fees, limited cash-out options, and other restrictions related to dealing with traditional financial institutions.

CryptoLocally and Sesacash

CryptoLocally is a person-to-person (P2P) crypto trading platform that offers the easiest way to buy and sell crypto with cash or a multitude of payment methods (M-Pesa, Bank transfer, Paypal, and many more), in any currency of your choice. 

Now with its latest partnership with Sesacash it enables African users to experience the fastest and cheapest way to get into cryptocurrencies without having to deal with the often restrictive policies of traditional finance.

Sesacash supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies such as Telos (TLOS), EOS (EOS), Bitcoin (BTC), USDC (USDC), Ethereum (ETH) and its own utility token Yent (YNT). 

Users of Sesacash have the option to pay for fees using YNT to avail of its huge discounts depending on their YNT holdings. 

It also features a multi-currency account system that enables the Africans to utilize their local currencies to access other African currencies. 

Currently, Sesacash supports the Ghana Cedis, the Nigerian Naira, and the US Dollar. More currencies are expected to follow as Sesacash expands its operations across Africa. 

CryptoLocally allows unbanked users to exchange crypto with cash but also using a digital wallet like Sesacash, giving them access to cryptocurrencies as a financial alternative and securely keep full ownership of their assets.

By giving the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies safely and easily in locations and currencies ignored by the traditional banking industry, CryptoLocally is giving a chance to any type of users to play their part in the crypto economic revolution”

- Alexandre Ricart - Head of Marketing - CryptoLocally

Financial Inclusion Revolution

The lack of infrastructure and restrictive financial policy in Africa makes it a primary candidate to be disrupted by innovative financial solutions that use emerging technologies to solve real-world financial challenges. 

Blockchain is one of the revolutionary technologies that many agree will have a substantial and relevant impact in the African financial sector. 

While this technology is still relatively new, there have been first movers in the space who are willing to lead this revolution. Industry leaders like CryptoLocally and Sesacash are examples of these impactful initiatives.

Their combined efforts will lead the way for a new, improved financial system in Africa that, for so many years, has relied on the limited, archaic and restrictive banking system designed to favor the privileged few and marginalize those who need financial help the most. 

The partnership will empower Africans to participate in the crypto-economic revolution that is characterized as a more egalitarian and, more importantly, the inclusive financial system of the future.

Go ahead and experience this revolution yourself. It only takes a few minutes to create an account, and you don’t even have to verify your identity. Welcome to financial inclusion, welcome to the financial services only made possible with CryptoLocally and Sesacash