In 3 days, Samsung will announce the latest version of its Galaxy flagship devices at the Galaxy Unpacked event in San Fransico. With several rumors pointing to a cryptocurrency wallet being launched by the smartphone giant, we consider the possibilities of such an announcement and how this might affect the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Samsung Crypto Wallet Rumors in 2018

As far back as last year, rumors began to circulate on a possible cryptocurrency product by Samsung due to trademarks filled by the Korean tech powerhouse. It was reported that Samsung filled three European Union trademark applications for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related software on December 10th. This led to speculations that Samsung was developing a cryptocurrency wallet application or hardware wallet.

Samsung refuted this statement claiming not to be developing any cryptocurrency products at the time. Another filled trademark popped up on December 27th, this time from the UK titled “Samsung Crypto Wallet”. Samsung trademark UK00043363431 carries the description of a computer software application for transfer or payments based on blockchain technology for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Despite the fact that trademarks just symbolize development plans of companies and more often than not just a few of trademarks end up as actual products, these fillings spark up more discussions on the possibility of a cryptocurrency related development from Samsung.

Samsung Keystore Cryptocurrency Wallet on a Galaxy S10 Leak

To back up all these rumors, a leak by Twitter user “@GregiPfister89” provided more evidence to back the speculated theory of a Samsung made cryptocurrency wallet application. The leak showed three different images of an application dubbed “Samsung Blockchain Keystore” running on the yet to be launched Galaxy S10.

From the screen grabs in the leak, the first shows a welcome page that describes the application as “a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.” The next screenshot includes an import or creates new wallet interface in the background and an alert below indicating Ethereum (ETH) as a supported currency and the third image shows a tap for the application in the Biometrics and Security section of the settings app.

Confirmations, Launch Date and Speculated Features

Popular Samsung-related news site SAMMobile has confirmed that the number one smartphone shipper in the world is working on blockchain and cryptocurrency software which may be launched with the Galaxy S10. According to SAMMobile Samsung’s cryptocurrency service will have two parts including a cold wallet and hot wallet with no names finalized for both wallets.

After hearing about the trademarks for Samsung’s blockchain and cryptocurrency software, we decided to dig around a little deeper. We can confirm that the company is indeed developing one and that it may be launched with the Galaxy S10.

Currently, Ethereum is the only currency mentioned in connection with the wallet based on the leak by Twitter user “@GregiPfister89” which shows ETH as a supported currency. It is expected that the Samsung Crypto Wallet will come with the Galaxy S10 which will be announced on February 20th.

If true, a native wallet by Samsung will fuel a rise in adoption. Samsung currently leads the smartphone market with a 19% market share. This means that millions of users will be directly exposed to cryptocurrencies every time they purchase a Samsung device.

At this point, all rumors, leaks, and speculations provide a strong basis to indicate that Samsung is indeed working on cryptocurrency and blockchain-related software. It is now a matter of when it will be launched and announced to the public. With many tipping Wednesday, February 20th for the announcement, CoinNewsLive will keep an eye on the Galaxy Unpacked event and report any crypto related mentions to our readers.

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