Polybird, an end-to-end issuance & exchange platform that facilitates the buying and selling of tokenized assets (STOs) and Blockchain securities has released the beta version of its platform.

Tokenization of assets has been a major theme in crypto circles in recent times with most industry experts predicting a lot of development in this sector.

It is expected that the boom of Security Token Offerings (STOs) will lead the trend of tokenization on the blockchain and PolyBird is creating an environment to make this possible.

Polybird has released a beta version of its tokenized assets and blockchain securities exchange platform.

The beta platform currently includes USDT, Bitcoin and Ethereum as base trading pairs against Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, EOS, Stellar, TRON, Ethereum Classic, and NEO.

In an exclusive interview with former MD of Morgan Stanely, Mr. Patrick Springer who is now an advisor of the project, we discussed the feasibility of tokenizing assets on the blockchain.

When asked how feasible is the tokenization of publicly traded companies on the blockchain, Patrick replied:

It’s entirely feasible, but the use case for doing it has to be fully developed and thought out. Currently, equities of public companies in major economies like the US trade and settle very efficiently. Liquidity varies by security but that depends on the underlying interest in the fundamentals of that security.

Tokenizing a currently existing security does not necessarily mean that there will be sufficient demand and liquidity for it. In the United States markets, there are many overseas ADRs that have very low liquidity. In Japan, for example, there used to be many US companies listed on the Tokyo Stock exchange, but there was very little demand there and eventually, most companies pulled their listings. There needs to be a use case.

Tokenization of assets is shaping up to be a potential catalyst that will spark mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Polybird’s exchange platform is expected to provide the needed support and infrastructure for accelerating the development of blockchain tokenized assets.

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