One of the biggest United-States based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase on Friday December 7th published a press release indicating the possibility of adding 31 cryptocurrencies on its trading platform.

Cryptocurrency heavy-weights such as Ripple (XRP), Stella (XLM), NEO (NEO) and Tezos (XTZ) were included on the list of digital currencies compliant with local laws that are being explored for listing.

Coinbase added that, a cryptocurrency being in the list does not guarantee addition on its trading platform. What’s more, Coinbase intends to add assets on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis, allowing them to add more currencies in an effecient and responsible way.

Adding new assets requires significant exploratory work from both a technical and compliance standpoint, and we cannot guarantee that all the assets we are evaluating will ultimately be listed for trading. Furthermore, our listing process may result in some of these assets being listed solely for customers to buy and sell, without the ability to send or receive using a local wallet. Finally, as per our listing process, we will add new assets on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis, which allows us to add assets efficiently and responsibly.


This news comes after the announcement of a new listing process by Coinbase in September that will allow the US based exchange to add more cryptocurrencies. After the announcement, Coinbase has listed two assets so far; Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Zcash (ZEC), all in November.

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