William Ryan, Community Manager at Kambria has argued that the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market will never be the same again. In an interview with CoinNewsLive, he opined the development is an excellent one for the Blockchainand Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“The ICO market, in my opinion, will never be what it was before, and that’s a good thing,” Ryan told CoinNewsLive. “In 2017, ICOs without a working product were rampant. You could raise millions of dollars without a drop of evidence of your capabilities.”

He further emphasized that there were a lot of investors who got burned by investing in ICOs. It is his view that now in order to raise money you must have some kind of working product.

Currently, Ryan stated people are far more cautious when it comes to investing in ICOs. “I believe Security Tokens Offerings (STOs) will be of far greater importance moving forward,” he firmly asserted.

Market Melt Down

Throughout 2018, the Cryptocurrency market has seen its market cap dwindled from $800 Billion to a little more than $120 Billion. But in recent weeks the markets are witnessing an appreciable recovery.

Touching on that Ryan indicated it is too early to tell if the depression is over, but considering where we are now compared to a year ago, it is his understanding it’s a lot safer to say that we are likely through the worst of it. He stated:

This could be the turning point, but another deep drop down would not surprise me. Long term: I consider cryptocurrency to have an astronomically high probability to succeed, and it will likely do so in stunning fashion, silencing even the most vocal critics.

However, In the medium term, the community manager thinks it absolutely could return to all-time highs. From his observation, basically, anything is possible, but there will be a lot more resistance going back up and it will not happen quickly at all.

Ryan also said the Cryptoshere has always surpassed his expectations, and that goes for both the bears and the bulls. “I believe the strong will survive and those who managed their funds correctly have a real chance at coming through this victorious,” he announced.

Future of Altcoins

Concerning the future of altcoins, the Kambria team member feels altcoin will decouple from Bitcoin in the next two years, especially with the creation of new trading pairs on binance to include XRP and several stable coins. He understands it’s only a matter of time before they are independently valued in the same way silver and gold are.

The price of bitcoin should not have an impact on other markets the way it does now. This will inevitably change, was his conclusion.