Foresting, the blockchain based social media platform has partnered with RootOne to include PTON in the Bitberry Wallet ahead of its public launch in April.

The Singapore-based cryptocurrency startup reached an agreement with RootOne on adding PTON to the Bitberry crypto wallet on February 26th.

Foresting made this announcement in a blog post as part of its “Get to know first” update series. RootOne, the maker of Bitberry wallet is a subsidiary of Dunamu that facilitates Upbit one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Currently, the Bitberry wallet supports 30+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as other ERC-20 tokens. The Biberry wallet comes with five main features.

  • The wallet allows users to register with a KakaoTalk account and eliminates the need to store Private keys, which removes the concerns for private key loss.
  • The app allows transfer of cryptocurrency using mobile phone number which prevents transfer of funds to the wrong recipient.
  • Bitberry synchronizes with assets on Upbit, thus enabling a convenient view of assets and transfers.
  • The wallet ensures safety against hacking through security system including fingerprint, face ID, etc (security audit from global top white hacker “Theory”). The security is double-checked by Theori, a world’s top cybersecurity startup.

Foresting Prepares For Adoption Before Launch

The Foresting project has been working a lot on business development with various partnerships ahead of its public beta launch. Currently, Foresting’s token PTON can be used for payment across various shops using the CoinPresso coin payment system.

In a recent blog update, Foresting showed how PTON can be used for payments using the CoinPresso processor. The example shows a picture of the payment processor in action and receipt from Decentre Caffe where the coffee was bought.

Despite the fact that Foresting has not launched publicly, the blockchain powered social media platform is working eagerly on partnerships that will bring the PTON currency real-world adoption.

With these partnerships, Foresting presents an interesting dynamic as competition for other projects in the same category such as Steemit, SoMee and the rumored MEOS by BlockOne, developers of EOS.

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