Ghana has seen study growth in building a robust blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem in the last few months, led by a thriving education drive, innovative projects and more accessibility.

In this article, we look at the top cryptocurrency updates from Ghana’s cryptocurrency circles in the last few months.

Thriving Education Efforts

With the continues mention of the narrative that promotes the need for financial inclusion on the African continent and how blockchain and cryptocurrency can help solve this problem.

It is very interesting to note that in the 10-year history of the industry, little (and in some cases no) results can be cited on the impact cryptocurrency and blockchain has had on the African continent.

The dream of improving lives in Africa through blockchain and cryptocurrencies might remain just that without a conscious effort to achieve realistic goals. A major element in the adoption drive process is education.

With Ghana constantly being part of the top-ranked nations on Google Trends for the search of the keyword “Bitcoin”, there is certainly a high level of interest and curiosity about cryptocurrency which could die out without any form of advocacy and education. Ghana has seen an increase in efforts to educate the masses about cryptocurrency. Two organizations leading this course are Blockchain Society Ghana and BlockXAfrica.

Blockchain Society Ghana is currently serving as an umbrella that is connecting various institutions to make education efforts possible while contributing its human resource of experts too.

Though a new player in the education side of things, BlockXAfrica led by one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the blockchain world, Elisha Owusu Akyaw has seen a lot of success. The Accra-based startup was recently featured on CoinDesk and has held multiple meetups during the last 2 months with more planned across the country.

Other Pieces of the Puzzle Are Falling In Place

What’s more, solutions, products and services like how to buy bitcoin in Ghana have all seen major improvements and growth. People can now easily buy and sell bitcoin than they could in the past which has made bitcoin a more attractive investment choice.

There are also more cryptocurrency and blockchain-related projects. The general outlook on regulation has also become more relaxed after a Member of Parliament stated on the House of Parliament that the country should consider regulating the cryptocurrency industry to prevent scams and also promote innovation.

This call is far more positive than earlier statements made by government officials and institutions concerning the faith of digital currencies in the West African country.

With several conferences and events scheduled in the upcoming month, Ghana is on track in becoming one of the blockchain powerhouses in the continent.