Houbi Group has made an announcement that it will start a new exchange in 2019 based on the EOS cryptocurrency as part of a press release communicating its plans for ecological development.

The Houbi Pool division of the Houbi Group cryptocurrency mining arm is directly responsible for the announcement and implementation of the plan. The mining division indicated that it has had a working relationship with the EOS project, developing an EOS supernode which put the cryptocurrency high on its list of priorities. Cao Fei, Huobi Pool’s CEO said in a press release:

As an EOS supernode, Huobi Pool has placed its ecological development high on its list of priorities, launching this EOS exchange is simply the next logical step in our support.

Aside from setting up a supernode, Houbi Pool collaborated with other block producers to establish an EOS test chain, the Crypto Kylin Testnet, where EOS-based projects can be tested. Houbi Pool also developed an animated video series called “EOS 20 Questions” to educate masses about the smart contracts platform.

The exchange will permit users to trade EOS against a number of different cryptocurrencies. This will also make the first time in cryptocurrency history that an entire exchange will be built around the EOS currency.

EOS on Houbi Derivative Market

Houbi was also responsible for another first in the EOS ecosystem by adding EOS to its Derivative Market platform. The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange closed out 2018 with an announcement on December, 26th signaling the addition to its offerings on the Huobi Derivatives Market–EOS contracts.

In a press release, Livio Weng, CEO, Huobi Global, expressed satisfaction with existing Bitcoin and Ethereum contract services and cited the addition of EOS contracts as the first of many new cryptocurrencies to be added to Houbi DM.

Huobi DM [Derivative Market] can be a powerful tool in managing risk in EOS and other cryptocurrencies. That’s an important factor when dealing with bear markets, such as the one we find ourselves in now.

Houbi continues to show support for the EOS project with the addition of the currency to Houbi DM and the just announced EOS-based exchange platform. 2019 looks good for EOS as it continues to receive more integration from partners like Houbi.