A foundation aimed at promoting the 7th highest ranked cryptocurrency based on market cap, Litecoin Foundation has added 4 new advisors.

Litecoin Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Singapore, aimed at advancing Litecoin for good of society by developing and promoting state of the art blockchain technology.

Project Director of the foundation, David Schwartz, on Friday, January 26th, announced the addition of 4 new members.

Luiza Palma, Jonha Richman, Kyle Tekiela (Common Enemy) and Blake Rizzo join the likes of Charlie Lee and Xinxi Wong as members of the foundation.

Kyle Tekiela, an Emmy Award winner and Co-Founder of Common Enemy brings his years of experience in the entertainment industry to help boost the promotion of Litecoin.

In a recent tweet he described Litecoin as “great for business”, citing features such as instant payments, micro fees and no chargebacks.

Female blockchain pacesetter,  Jonha Richman also joins the Litecoin Foundation with admirable expertise in marketing. Jonha has helped several blockchain projects including ICOs and STOs to reach their target audience through partnerships and growth hacking.

Currently, she’s on the advisory board of Tour de Crypto which aims to help with economic empowerment and increase awareness for cryptocurrencies. She’s also a patron and ambassador for UK Charity Week.

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Blake Rizzo is a Security Token Offering (STOs) and Blockchain Attorney who will serve as a Legal Adviser of the Litecoin Foundation.

Blake has over 21 years of extensive legal experience in commercial law with special focus on the Fintech space. He is also involved with other crypto projects like the Houston Blockchain Alliance and Tour De Crypto.

Luiza Cristina Palma is an award-winning advocate for inclusion of women in tech development.  She received the award of “Iconic Women Creating a Better World For All” from the Women Economic Forum in 2017.

Luiza’s addition to the foundation presents a platform for her to break into the blockchain sector where many have identified a gender gap.

With these 4 new advisors, the Litecoin Foundation continues to be an important institution in the Litecoin Community, bringing people from around the globe to promote the cryptocurrency.

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