Rumors circulating in the EOS community suggest that BlockOne, the developers of EOS are working on a social media platform or “Steemit 2.0”.

Recent trademark filling discovered by EverythingEOS might confirm these reports and the possible name of the platform.

The discovered trademark labeled MEOS was filled July last year, describing a platform for “social networking, photo sharing, electronic media sharing, and encrypted or otherwise secured messaging and media transmission.”

BlockOne is listed as the trademark owner and the description goes on to indicate that the platform is built on the blockchain. The description reads:

“hosting an interactive web site that allows users to create profiles and participate in a social network in the field of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies;”

What’s more, earlier rumors asserted that the MEOS platform will be a decentralized application (dApp) built on the EOS blockchain, giving the platform the needed boost for mass adoption.

If these rumors turn out to be true, MEOS will join Split as social media dApps on the EOS blockchain.

Social Media dApps on the EOS Blockchain

Unlike the Ethereum blockchain which is home to several social media dApps, EOS has very few to call it’s own.

ONO Chat, now a blockchain protocol started of as an EOS based chat application and later moved to its own blockchain to provide a developer environment for dApps.

Split is a yet to be released social media network on the EOS platform. Split is a stories platform that rewards users for uploading stories and engagements on the app.

Split app uses “Split-Second” blockchain technology that monetizes consumption time of your online content. Simply, the time is money.

The release of MEOS is expected to strengthen the social media category of EOS dApps due to BlockOne’s track record and popularity.

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There has been a growing demand for decentralized social media platforms such as Steemit due to privacy and censorship issues that have become common with the usage of traditional social media platforms.

Social media based on the blockchain provides true free speech, no censorship due to its decentralized nature and incentives that encourage investments.

2019 is shaping up to be an interesting year for blockchain-based social media applications as industry leader Steemit has undergone a shakeup and new projects such as Foresting and the rumored MEOS are expected to launch.

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