During TRON’s just ended niTROn Summit in San Francisco, CEO of Kiip, Brain Wong teased an impending collaboration between TRON Foundation and Kiip.

In a roundtable discussion with Kevin Xu from Mars Finance and Angela Tone, COO of Jinse Finance discussing the growth of the blockchain, Brain Wrong highlighted how blockchain can revolutionalize advertising.

Brain Wong then went ahead to an upcoming collaboration between TRON and Kiip in the near future.

Kiip is a mobile ad company that rewards consumers with tangible products for various applications including games and fitness apps. Kiip has worked with several notable names like Unilever, BMW, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kraft, U.S.Cellular, General Mills, McDonald’s, MasterCard, Campari, and Taco Bell.

Wong is an avid innovator in the advertising industry, responsible for the concept of “moments marketing.” This concept capitalizes on right timing and mindset in order to achieve maximum user engagement and generate highly targeted audiences instead of advertising at random times.

Kiip’s Existing Application of Blockchain

The mobile consumer engagement platform has an existing blockchain solution which brings “transparency, offering, and security to mobile advertising.”

The Kiip Mobile Advertising Blockchain allows transparency along the supply chain, prevents fraud by offering a single source of truth and provides a meaningful way of recognizing the end consumer according to descriptions on the Kiip & Blockchain site.

Kiip launched the first ever blockchain mobile ad campaign last year with AB Inver, the world largest brewer.

A partnership between Kiip and TRON will align with Kiip’s vision of utilizing blockchain technology in the ads industry and TRON’s efforts to ensure a decentralized web.

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