Probably the most popular of all PIVX forks, Phore continues to innovate in ways that move the project away from its forked code base. The latest of these advancements is the announcement of Synapse, a “next generation” sharding protocol.

Sharding in cryptocurrencies was first introduced by Ethereum in an attempt to dramatically scale its blockchain and enable it to process more transactions per second using the database partitioning technique.

Phore’s version of this technique will borrow ideas from Ethereum Research on their work towards a new Ethereum 2.0 sharding architecture without forking the code. The entire code will be built from scratch, making it a priority for the development team.

This new feature will make Phore more scalable and capable of processing more transactions. Per the status quo, every Phore node in the network validates every single transaction. Synapse works by splitting the network into many shards and having only a small percentage of validators validating each transaction as shown by the chart below.

In a chat with CoinNewsLive, Thomas Ambler, Co-CEO of Phore mentioned that Synapse will also allow smart contracts on the Phore blockchain alongside improvements in scalability.

Phore Synapse will enable an enormous amount of scalability and much faster transactions. This platform enables smart contracts and more complex transactions supporting decentralized business models. The architecture will be developer friendly, encouraging different types of decentralized apps to be created.

Thomas Ambler, Phore

Phore in a recent blogpost is predicting 29.4 Million Transactions Per Second (TPS) which will make the project the cryptocurrency with the highest transactions capacity right above Bitcoin LN, Komodo and Zilliqa with 1 million TPS.

Phore’s Synapse sharding architecture, when implemented, will add more dynamism to the cryptocurrency masternode ecosystem which has seen a lot of innovation and new use cases in recent times.

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