Samsung Electronics has recently filled a trademark in the United Kingdom that suggests it might be adding cryptocurrency wallets to its devices soon. Reports earlier this year have mentioned Samsung’s plans for cryptocurrency integration and this latest development might signal Samsung’s next move in the industry.

The filling was submitted to the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) on Thursday, December 27th. The “Samsung Crypto Wallet” titled trademark UK00043363431 reveals very little aside from the description of a computer software application for transfer or payments based on blockchain technology for smartphones, tablets, and computers.


This development opens up several possibilities on what exactly the South Korean smartphone giant intends to do with this trademark. Resurfacing as a result of this leak is the refuted claim that Samsung will include a native cryptocurrency wallet in their upcoming flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

What’s more, aside from a native application for storing digital blockchain assets, wild rumors also suggest that this could mean Samsung is working on a cryptocurrency hardware wallet since Samsung also filed three European Union trademark applications for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related software on December 10th.

Trademarks may symbolize development plans of companies but more often than not just a few of trademarks end up as actual products.

Will Samsung Join HTC and Siren Labs In the Blockchain Device Race?

The blockchain device space has been buzzing recently with 2 fresh additions from the popular Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, and ICO darling Siren Labs. Both companies offer cryptocurrency specific devices that are meant to provide the desired experience for heavy cryptocurrency users.

Though these entries to this new category in the blockchain ecosystem are welcomed there is still a lot to be desired for considering the fact that both devices do not much up to the performance of modern flagships and do not add enough extra features to warrant the special blockchain phone moniker.

An addition by the worlds largest smartphone manufacturer with a proven track record of quality products might be exactly what is needed to push the blockchain smartphone agenda.

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