Crypto Influencer, Indian CryptoGirl has stated that many businesses have been experimenting with Blockchain to save time, effort and cost by utilizing the power of Blockchain.

She is therefore convinced the trend will continue into 2019 where the year will see more investment in the space by corporate entities. “I believe 2019 will be the year the top corporations of the world adopt Blockchain,” she predicted.

In an exclusive interview with CNL on Tuesday, Indian CryptoGirl explained at most these businesses are aiming to develop private cryptocurrencies of their own to fuel their blockchains. However, she holds that the adoption by industries like finance, banking, real estate, and even government services would provide the need to shift from private cryptocurrencies to those such as bitcoin due to compatibility and scalability issues.

The influencer who recently took on the India Banking giant, Kotak Mahindra over their refusal to give services to Indians who deal with Crypto brokers is optimistic the development will lead to huge demand and the need for crypto in general.

Government’s Animosity

Government’s opposition to Cryptocurrency is a hindrance that is not far fetched. Last year’s long ‘Crypto Winter’ is in part connected with government bans in China and India.

But Crypto IndiaGirl disagrees governments around the world can thwart corporate adoption of Blockchain/Cryptocurrency. She argues:

Governments are already opposing cryptocurrencies with full force – forcefully shutting down accounts, raiding exchanges and imposing stringent regulations. However, this is a fight they will not win. True democratization will ensure that power is returned back to the people and governments of the world, if they want to remain in power, will need to comply with the public demand.

It is her believe crypto is bound to win thanks to its ability to remove the middleman and its lower transaction cost. “This will ensure incremental benefits in terms of accessibility and services offered to those in need,” she observed.

As to whether the ecosystem will see a boom in corporate investment is yet to be realized. In the final analysis investments from corporations would be a good omen and push adoption into the mainstream.