Tron founder, Justin Sun tweeted Tron’s latest milestone of achieving 50 decentralized applications on its platform and the desire to reach 80+ dApps soon.

Sun’s tweet comes almost a month after Tron reached 00 million transactions in 173 days, averaging 578,034 transactions per day making it one of the hottest blockchain platforms around.

TRON Records More DApp Usage Than Ethereum

Just like all contract protocols like EOS and Ethereum, the value of TRON comes from its number of dApps and active users. Comparing records of dApp usage on the Tron network to that of the Ethereum network shows more growth of Tron’s smart contract protocol. Data from DappRadar, a platform that provides data on the dApp usage of major smart contract protocols, show that the top three dApps on TRON have 2,300 users on average, with TRONbet recording 2,500 active users and 2 million transactions per day compared to Ethereum’s top three dApps, IDEX, ForkDelta and My Crypto Heroes recording 700 users on average.


Despite the increase in dApps and usage, Tron is still behind EOS as 2nd most active blockchain based smart contract protocol. EOS has the highest number of dApp users on its protocol. PRA CandyBox EOS Knights, and EOSBet have nearly 5,000 users on average, more than the dApp users of Tron and Ethereum combined.

TRON continues to focus on scalability in its latest updates after the mainnet launch in May with an intention to handle as many dApps as possible in the ecosystem. What’s more, TRON’s acquisition of BitTorrent by the foundation and getting listed on several exchanges might have also encouraged the development of more decentralized applications. TRON expects that the number of dApps will exceed 200 after the TRON Accelerator Contest.

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